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cards n : a game played with playing cards [syn: card game]

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  1. Plural of card
  2. card game
    He's a fan of cards.

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plural of card card game

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The term card (from Greek χάρτης - chartēs, "paper, papyrus"), primarily refers to cardboard or a piece of this.
More generally, the term can refer to any of various small flat objects, typically made from heavy paper or plastic. In particular:
  • Business card, a wallet sized card containing contact information for a person or business
  • Cigarette card, a trading card used to reinforce cigarette packaging
  • Common Access Card (CAC), a Department of Defense (DoD) access & ID Card; contains a computer chip.
  • Credit card, a plastic card for purchasing items on credit
  • Debit card, a plastic card for purchasing items using money in a bank account
  • Expansion card or computer card, a computer hardware component or device, attached generally inside a computer, that provides added functionality, such as a graphics card or sound card
  • File card (tool), a metal brush used to clean the cutting grooves on files
  • Gift card, usually plastic payment tool that is mailed or given to a relative, friend, or associate as a method of purchasing within stores
  • Greeting card, usually folded paper that is mailed or given to a relative, friend, or associate to express a message of greeting, appreciation, or some other sentiment
  • Health card, a token to be used as patient data card (PDC) or health professional card (HPC)
  • ID card, an identity document
  • Index card, a card for creating and organizing notes in a stack, usually for a research project
  • Library card, a card used to borrow books or other media from a library
  • Memory card, a data storage device used with digital cameras, computers, telephones, music players, video game consoles, and other electronics
  • Penalty cards for rule violations in several sports, e.g. red card or yellow card
  • Playing card, a card, typically made of laminated paper, used for playing games
  • Policy debate card, a piece of evidence in policy debate
  • Postcard, a card used for sending messages in the mail without use of an envelope
  • Punch card, an obsolete method for storing data
  • Raising card, a spiked brush-like tool used to straighten out wool, hemp, etc.
  • SIM card, a smart card identifying a mobile phone service subscriber
  • Smart card, a plastic card containing a computer chip (also known as a Key Card)
  • Trading card, a card used for trading or collecting, or for use in a collectible card game
  • Value card, a self-help device listing behavior changes the bearer wants to make
  • Visiting card, aka calling card, a more personal version of a business card
Non-physical analogues of physical cards:
  • E-card, an electronic version of a greeting card or postcard
  • Test card, also known as a test pattern, a television test signal, typically broadcast at times when the transmitter is active, but no programmes are being broadcast
Card may also refer to:
Cards may refer to:
CARDS may refer to:
  • The CARDS programme (Community Assistance for Reconstruction Development and Stabilisation), the European Union's main financial assistance instrument to the Western Balkans.
CARD may also refer to:


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